Creative Uses for Faux Boxwood Hedge

Faux boxwood hedge is quickly becoming one of the hottest landscaping accessories all across the country as people realize the costs of water and maintaining real plants. The severe drought now ongoing in California is causing people to rethink landscape design. Realistic and durable faux hedges, bushes, and even trees are being used at commercial buildings and even residential properties. It only makes sense, because these faux plants require no maintenance or watering.

Fake hedges look real, absorb sound waves, and create an extra level of privacy. Some people are using the fake hedges to divide areas in apartment and condo complexes, and at office parks and complexes. They are even erecting fake hedges at construction sites to block unsightly areas from the public during building. Many municipal buildings, including schools, universities, and city buildings are using artificial hedges for various reasons.

Faux boxwood hedges can be put up to conceal a pump building, a utility shed, or even a dumpster. Many people are applying artificial boxwood hedge panels to cinder block retaining walls to make them appear like real hedges. Event planners are using faux boxwood hedges to divide events such as weddings and trade shows. The panels can be transported and used over and over again.

Faux boxwood hedge is being used for interiors also. Restaurants, retailers, and office buildings are using artificial boxwood hedge throughout their buildings. It gives an interesting textured and green look, and we all know that green is in and probably to stay. Green walls and green areas inside buildings illicit a sense of calm and well being.




Geranium Street Floral of San Marcos, California is the number one supplier of faux boxwood hedge in the United States. They have several different styles of artificial boxwood hedge on hand including long leaf, fire retardant, UV rated, and indoor boxwood. They can also custom build artificial hedge panels, or custom install artificial hedge at properties within the Southern California and Nevada region.



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Outdoor Artificial Hedge Transforms Block Walls

Workers install outdoor artificial boxwood hedge on tennis court wall

Workers install outdoor artificial boxwood hedge on tennis court wall

Block walls are now the favorite method of diving property. They are better than chain link fences, or wood fences when it comes to privacy. The only problem with block walls is that they can be ugly. In their natural state, they evoke images of prison – cold and gray. They become dirty and water streaked. If they are painted, they look a little better, but there is a newer, better alternative.

Artificial boxwood hedge designed for outdoor use is the perfect solution to dress up plain block walls. It can be applied to outside and inside of a wall and look like a real hedge to passers by and people inside the yard, or can just be applied to one side. It looks so real, many people won’t even realize that it isn’t. Some people only cover portions of their block walls and leave other portions bare, but even that makes a difference.

Installing the artificial boxwood hedge to block walls is fairly simple and can be done by almost anyone who is used to doing home projects. Geranium Street Floral has done major installation projects all over California and even in Las Vegas. They recently did an installation at the new Grand Hotel in Las Vegas on the rooftop pool area.

When it comes to privacy there is nothing better than artificial boxwood hedge. It not only blocks vision, but reduces sound. The artificial hedge is an inch thick and it absorbs sound that normally would just bounce off of a hard surface. This means that your neighbors don’t need to hear every conversation coming out of your backyard.

Geranium Street Floral has quickly become the biggest distributor of artificial boxwood hedge that is UV rated in the country. They import their products directly from Asia, so there is no middle man. They can ship their products all over the United States directly, or install them locally in California. Remember, only buy UV rated boxwood hedge for outdoor use, or it will fade quickly.

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Artificial Outdoor Hedge Panels used as Sound Barriers

Artificial outdoor hedge panels are be called on for both sound and privacy uses.

Privacy in the new era of cell phones with cameras can be hard to come by. Whether it is a dog that is barking through a fence or a neighbor who is drinking too much whiskey and singing terribly, a privacy hedge may be what the doctor ordered.

Outdoor privacy panels are now being constructed of steel frames and fiberglass planters that form an instant hedge. Outdoor artificial boxwood serves as the faux foliage for the hedge. Artificial boxwood is attractive to look at and is dense enough to keep the neighbors from seeing what is going on behind the panel. Entire walls of these hedges are being constructed to hide or petition of commercial and residential areas. Privacy from people seeing in or from seeing out are great starts to a private deck in your high-rise apartment. Sound protection in the form of macerated vinyl can be used in conjunction with artificial foliage to diffuse sound and increase the opacity of a privacy hedge.  Read More…

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Boxwood Balls for Home or Office

Poised for growth Geranium Street Floral announces it has a wealth of artificial boxwood ball products for use in homes or offices, indoors or out, available now.

Boxwood ball garden.

Boxwood ball garden.

Today, growth-ready Geranium Street Floral shares news that it has an ample supply of variously sized boxwood balls for indoor and outdoor use, commercial and residential.

Bob Smith, Geranium Street Floral manager says the artificial boxwood ball products carried by Geranium Street are worry-free. “You never need to water them, they won’t need to be re-potted and they won’t fade in the sun.”

Geranium Street Floral has artificial boxwood balls in stock that range in size from 12″ to 22″. Here’s an example of an outdoor-rated artificial boxwood ball UV 14″ (sold in pairs), and one of an interior-rated artificial boxwood ball 11″ (also sold in pairs). The latest, biggest U.V.-coated ball is located here:

Be creative, Smith says, and you can come up with a wide variety of green boxwood ball options for your own home or office. Check out his Pinterest page for easy, crafty ideas:

Geranium Street Floral has a slew of new UV-coated and fire-resistant artificial plants for home and office décor ready to be announced so keep an eye out for new artificial plant offerings.

“You’d be surprised by the quality of our beautiful artificial boxwood ball products and our always competitive pricing,” Smith concluded.

For more information on available artificial flowers and plants from Geranium Street Floral, call (858) 525-2251 or visit

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Double-Sided Ivy Fence Roll

Geranium Street Floral touts privacy-providing double-sided ivy fence roll product in residential and commercial site use.

Double sided ivy fence roll obscures neighbor views.

Double sided ivy fence roll obscures neighbor views.

Today, growth-ready Geranium Street Floral shares news that its double-sided ivy fence roll product is a highly effective deterrent against prying eyes.

Whether you want to have privacy in your back yard or on your balcony from neighbors’ eyes, or if you have a need to deliver privacy to your hotel or golf course guests, Geranium Street Floral’s double-sided ivy fence roll product can be of immediate service.

Bob Smith, Geranium Street Floral manager says: “We have double-sided ivy fence roll product available to ship now and are always happy to learn the many ways our customers could effectively use our double-sided ivy fence roll product in their own home or business environments.”

One of the biggest users of double-sided ivy fence roll product has been a golf course that needed to protect its golfers from photographic intrusion while on the links. Hotels are a mid-level user; we have seen good use of double-sided ivy fence roll product on properties to obscure views of private areas or events. Smaller users have used double-sided ivy fence roll product on patios of their condominiums or homes as they effectively eliminate prying eyes. The double-sided ivy fence roll product offered by Geranium Street Floral does not let much through, as it effectively obscures outside viewers from access.

For more information on Geranium Street Floral’s double-sided ivy fence roll product or any other available artificial flowers and plants from Geranium Street Floral, call (858) 525-2251 or visit Related websites include,,,,,,,, and

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