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Boxwood Mats, Outdoor Artificial Foliage, Wall and Fence Covering.

Outdoor artificial foliage comes in many shapes. Artificial grass and trees are probably the first items that come to mind. When designing a project with these items one should take a look at other types or outdoor artificial foliage. The free standing items-such as potted boxwood balls, potted trees and doing a window box with […]


Outdoor Artificial Foliage, Privacy Fence and Boxwood Squares.

Outdoor Artificial foliage is used in a many different ways. Privacy fence, ornamental decor, and hiding unsightly objects are a few. Window boxes are another area that really makes sense. In fact, outdoor artificial foliage is the only type of decor that can stand a fierce Chicago winter. Foliage types vary. Leafy foliage, boxwood foliage, […]


Outdoor Aritificial Hedges, Privacy Screens and Fence Facelifts.

Outdoor Artificial Hedges are a new and exciting way to dress up a fence line in your yard. Whether you just want to keep the prying eyes of the neighbors away or you have a rotting iron fence that is on its last legs, you can use outdoor artificial foliage as a quick and inexpensive […]


Exterior Faux Boxwood..N.I.M.B.Y

Exterior faux boxwood still has its skeptics. For those with a full time gardening staff, no concern for watering costs, a botanist and an accountant to keep track of the expenditures on the garden, natural hedges are a great option.  For those who wish to hire a botanist, here is an add for you to […]