Artificial Ivy Blocks View of Abandoned House Near Golf Course.

Privacy fences can come in many forms and have many different looks. A recent install in Indio, CA required an artificial foliage to cover a 7 foot chain link fence. The purpose of the fence was to shield from view and abandoned home adjacent to a high profile golf course with photos being taken of the players on the green. A 7ft. chain link fence was erected and the call went out to Geranium Street Floral to provide the foliage and install the day before the event. Geranium Street is used to performing under the gun for events of many types. Equestrian, commercial, theater, and weddings are just a few where outdoor artificial foliage is required to make a setting beautiful.

Artificial Ivy for Privacy Fencing

Artificial ivy can be used to adorn an area or keep the prying eyes of a neighbor from watching. For commercial settings it may be used as a temporary measure to appease participants or officials until a permanent solution can be obtained. Ivy foliage rolls are affordable and can go on quickly. They are not so opaque that one cannot see anything going on, yet block enough of the view to let people see a green fence covered in ivy versus the alternatives.

Geranium Street Floral provides outdoor artificial foliage and other greenery for events and property beautification. Artificial boxwood hedge, privacy foliage, and ivy rolls are three forms of the oudtoor foliage which has UV protected material for high sun areas. This application in Palm Desert is very sunny and hot. The material needs to stand up to both the heat and the sunshine. Visit the site to see all of the low wholesale pricing for this type of material. They even have added artificial boxwood Christmas trees to the mix this year. Try some if you need to create a privacy screen next to your home or golf course.





by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.

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