Artificial Ivy Fence Roll: Butterfly Hatchery

Geranium Street Floral announces a unique use of its Ivy Fence Roll product which is a little out of the ordinary for the busy faux boxwood, artificial foliage production factory: butterfly hatchery.

Client uses artificial fence roll ivy from Geranium Street Floral with live plants for butterfly hatchery.

Client uses artificial fence roll ivy from Geranium Street Floral with live plants for butterfly hatchery.

Rich and Marilyn Schaefer have reported to Geranium Street Floral that their family has a passion — butterflies — and Geranium Street Floral’s Ivy Fence Roll has helped their family get close to the broadly-winged, vividly-colored insects they openly appreciate.

Mrs. Schaefer says “We plant our entire yard with flowers and nectar plants that attract the butterflies to eat, lay eggs and return the cycle over and over. Our problem has been that once the caterpillars eat and grow to adult size, they roam to find a secure place to hang for 14 days in their chrysalis,” a hardened shell that acts as cocoon, protecting the pupa as it morphs into a butterfly. The caterpillars, she explained, look for weather protection, plant stability and coverage of leaves to keep them safe from predators.

Alternate view, butterfly hatchery.

Alternate view, butterfly hatchery.

The family sent in pictures of its side yard fence which has real vine ivy and artificial ivy mixed into it so when the caterpillar searches for a place to hang during the creation process he does not go far.  Mrs. Schaefer said “Artificial leaves are better than real because they are more stable. The artificial leaf privacy foliage provided by Geranium Street Floral works wonders.”

“Stability and foliage protection is great and predators don’t check the area out because the foliage is not real, so aphids and insects like spiders and beetles have no interest in exploring for hanging chrysalides.”

Bob Smith, Geranium Street Floral manager says: “We are always grateful to learn of the many ways our customers have creatively applied our products in their environments.”

If you have been yearning to add a butterfly sanctuary to your own environment, follow the lead of the Schaefer family and get some Ivy Fence Roll from Geranium Street Floral. Here’s a You Tube video which shows the product and how easy it is to use:

For more information on available artificial flowers and plants from Geranium Street Floral, call (858) 525-2251.

by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.

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