Artificial Outdoor Hedge Panels used as Sound Barriers

Artificial outdoor hedge panels are be called on for both sound and privacy uses.

Privacy in the new era of cell phones with cameras can be hard to come by. Whether it is a dog that is barking through a fence or a neighbor who is drinking too much whiskey and singing terribly, a privacy hedge may be what the doctor ordered.

Outdoor privacy panels are now being constructed of steel frames and fiberglass planters that form an instant hedge. Outdoor artificial boxwood serves as the faux foliage for the hedge. Artificial boxwood is attractive to look at and is dense enough to keep the neighbors from seeing what is going on behind the panel. Entire walls of these hedges are being constructed to hide or petition of commercial and residential areas. Privacy from people seeing in or from seeing out are great starts to a private deck in your high-rise apartment. Sound protection in the form of macerated vinyl can be used in conjunction with artificial foliage to diffuse sound and increase the opacity of a privacy hedge. 

Artificial Hedges can be used pool side to stop the gawking from the peeping tom next door. These hedges are very real looking and are made to last in the hot sun of Miami, Texas and Los Angeles. These hedges can also be used to keep road noise or railway noise from being quite as loud. Sound barriers added to artificial hedges can create instant privacy for banks, restaurants and other  commercial establishments where confidential information should be kept that way. Artificial hedge material helps diffuse the sound while the sound dampening material does what it is designed to do.

Railroad, highway, airport and dog noise are common forms of noise pollution people try to block. The erection of a sound fence can be an effective way to reduce noise and increase property values and sleep quality. Geranium Street Floral is a pioneer in the construction of decorative sound panels. The combination of artificial greenery  and sound dampening material work together like peanut butter and jelly to solve a difficult problem. Give Bob a call or check out the online store at for more information.


by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.

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