Creative Uses for Faux Boxwood Hedge

Faux boxwood hedge is quickly becoming one of the hottest landscaping accessories all across the country as people realize the costs of water and maintaining real plants. The severe drought now ongoing in California is causing people to rethink landscape design. Realistic and durable faux hedges, bushes, and even trees are being used at commercial buildings and even residential properties. It only makes sense, because these faux plants require no maintenance or watering.

Fake hedges look real, absorb sound waves, and create an extra level of privacy. Some people are using the fake hedges to divide areas in apartment and condo complexes, and at office parks and complexes. They are even erecting fake hedges at construction sites to block unsightly areas from the public during building. Many municipal buildings, including schools, universities, and city buildings are using artificial hedges for various reasons.

Faux boxwood hedges can be put up to conceal a pump building, a utility shed, or even a dumpster. Many people are applying artificial boxwood hedge panels to cinder block retaining walls to make them appear like real hedges. Event planners are using faux boxwood hedges to divide events such as weddings and trade shows. The panels can be transported and used over and over again.

Faux boxwood hedge is being used for interiors also. Restaurants, retailers, and office buildings are using artificial boxwood hedge throughout their buildings. It gives an interesting textured and green look, and we all know that green is in and probably to stay. Green walls and green areas inside buildings illicit a sense of calm and well being.




Geranium Street Floral of San Marcos, California is the number one supplier of faux boxwood hedge in the United States. They have several different styles of artificial boxwood hedge on hand including long leaf, fire retardant, UV rated, and indoor boxwood. They can also custom build artificial hedge panels, or custom install artificial hedge at properties within the Southern California and Nevada region.



by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.

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