Exterior Faux Boxwood..N.I.M.B.Y

Exterior faux boxwood still has its skeptics. For those with a full time gardening staff, no concern for watering costs, a botanist and an accountant to keep track of the expenditures on the garden, natural hedges are a great option.  For those who wish to hire a botanist, here is an add for you to place on or craigslist.
Botanist Team Wanted

Experience botanists–who are scientists that study plants–share a common interest in and curiosity about the hundreds of thousands of species of plants on earth. While a Ph.D. is preferred a bachelor’s degree will work out. Job description: garden hedge manager. Pay $100 per month.


Exterior Faux Boxwood Option

Another option for those with a little less time on their hands or just a need to create, is the artificial boxwood hedge route. This type of exterior outdoor foliage is great for building hedges in natural or man made settings. Hedges as small as a few feet high to those approaching 20′ high are being constructed as we speak. The drought, talk of global warming, water conservation and just design trends are supporting this idea.

Faux Hedges can be constructed of hedge mats or faux boxwood bushes. The ideas is the same. The construction is vastly different. To construct a square,  exterior faux boxwood hedge, a frame or structure must be built to place it on. Boxwood bushes are simply inserted into pre-made planters with holes drilled every 3 to four inches. These videos should help you learn the difference…


The cost of this new outdoor decor product does vary as well as availability. Geranium Street Floral is a great place to get the exterior faux boxwood quickly. In stock hedge mats, boxwood balls, artificial boxwood topiary all in outdoor,UV resistant varieties. Visit their online store at or call bob at (858) 525 2251.


by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.

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