Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mats Dress Up Backyards, Balconies, and Patios

Many creative people have used artificial boxwood hedge mats to dress up, decorate, and rejuvenate their tired looking backyards, patios, and balconies. The fake hedge mats can be easily assembled and attached to existing walls and fences, or fake hedges can be constructed and placed for privacy and decorative purposes. Faux hedges are catching on even in the toniest neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, Rancho Santa Fe, and Palm Springs.

“We are selling to top designers in Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, and here in San Diego,” said Geranium Street sales manager, Martin Portilla. “Whatever bias people may have had about fake plants is now gone. The products we are selling are more realistic than ever and people seem to love them,” added Portilla. Geranium Street Floral recently had to move into a bigger location to add more wharehouse space as demand for their products increased.

Privacy is a big issue these days and artificial boxwood hedge mats can be used to create a handsome privacy wall. The faux hedge mats also provide a certain degree of sound proofing as sound waves are muffled by the texture. Geranium Street has designed many custom fake hedges for their customers. Geranium Street professionals build custom artificial hedge panels, but there are many projects that people can do themselves at home with a minimum amount of tools.

Geranium Street Floral has produced many videos on Youtube and Instructables

Fake hedge at pool home

Fake hedge at pool home


Rooftop privacy hedge

Rooftop privacy hedge

that show how to install their fake plant products easily. They have also posted many pictures on Pinterest to give their customers ideas. People are looking for something unique, and fake hedge seems to be it.

Another big consideration concerning fake plants is the drought factor. Much of the Southwestern United States is currently experiencing a prolonged and severe drought. People are looking for water-wise alternatives to live plants. Fake plants also require no watering, clipping, pruning, or fertilizer. Geranium Street Floral has a whole new lineup of exciting faux plant products and accessories.

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