Outdoor Aritificial Hedges, Privacy Screens and Fence Facelifts.

Outdoor Artificial Hedges are a new and exciting way to dress up a fence line in your yard. Whether you just want to keep the prying eyes of the neighbors away or you have a rotting iron fence that is on its last legs, you can use outdoor artificial foliage as a quick and inexpensive covering. Several products are being made currently that can accomplish the take of covering a fence. Artificial boxwood hedge, outdoor ivy rolls, foliage mats, and boxwood bushes are a few excellent material choices. The common denominator that they all have is that they are made from an UV infused resin which keeps the sun from fading the product. This is a very important point to consider and pay close attention to when ordering your plastic products. For those who choose to overlook the details, their boxwood bushes, hedges and balls may turn blue in the hot sun. Some of these non uv plants may even turn a chalky white when the summer sun bakes them for a few months.

Outdoor Aritificial Hedges  and Outdoor Leafy Foliage make Great Privacy Screening

Price is a consideration as well. Artificial boxwood foliage is some of the most expensive material because of the hundreds of individual leaves attached as well as the bulky nature of the product. Artificial leafy greenery also can run in the same price range. Artificial ivy roll or mat is the most affordable version of this material that comes in an outdoor version. This product averages about $1.50 -$1.95 per square foot online. The other products can run as much as $7-$10 per square foot. Many consumers face the ritual of replacing dead bushes in a window box or digging up a hedge around an air conditioner seasonally. The idea of an artificial outdoor plant that will last for years my help justify the increased initial investment in plastic plants. No one needs to know that a plastic plant is growing near by. Many of these plants look so real that it hard to tell that they are not real.

Artificial Hedge in Miami


Stuctured boxwood hedges can be built to be a barrier between properties. Sound, sight, and smells can be redirected with a well built hedge. These type of structured hedges are usually built on site and then covered with a hedging material. Artificial Boxwood Mats, (rolls, tiles, squares, etc) are used to accomplish the look and weather resistant foliage part of the job. Leafy foliage can also be used as it comes in mats as well. The junipers at the base of the hedge in the picture could be replaced with artificial boxwood bushes. It is the designers choice which goes best with the structured hedge.

Outdoor Boxwood bushes can go on top of an existing fence giving the fence another 14 inches in height. These bushes can also go on the bottom of the fence to form a row. By staggering levels this overlapping artificial boxwood bush look can be used to do a lot of decorating in a hurry. Major commercial and equestrian events enjoy the use of this product because it goes up in a hurry. The following video lets fame Olympic rider, Ian Stark, give you a few pointers on this product….

A great place to outdoor artificial plants is Geranium Street Floral. They have a great selection of outdoor materials that are designed go up in a hurry and last for a long time in direct sunlight. For more information on their products visit the online store at or call Bob at 858 525 2251.


by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.

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