Amazing Ideas For Outdoor Artificial Hedges

Outdoor Artificial hedges is a recent design trend that has been a spillover from the fake grass frenzy. During the droughts in Los Angeles and in other arid climates, people swapped out vegetation for rocks and succulents which needed no maintenance or water. The water savings alone was enough push for many to go to this style of landscaping. The ability to fire the gardener was another excellent reason to go ahead with the lawn facelift. Recently, outdoor artificial hedges have been showing up in residential and commercial settings. Large exterior artificial hedges are seen in Las Vegas and more are to be found inside the enormous casino’s and shopping areas of that strip.

Artificial Hedge in Miami

Outdoor artificial hedges resist the elements….

Deluxe outdoor artificial hedges, like the one shown above, are located next to the Atlantic ocean. The sea water has a harsh effect on certain types of shrubs. use only UV or outdoor boxwood hedge panels to construct a design masterpiece. Notice the combination of real hedge, natural grass and the imitation product. There can be functionality within a faux/natural combination. The created structure must be durable and the outdoor boxwood material must be of top quality. A good place to get this product is Geranium Street Floral. They always have material for indoor and outdoor projects. Boxwood bushes, topiary, balls and mats are all there so you can mix and match a super creative project that looks real.

As mentioned, this product is impervious to sea water. This may make the product an excellent addition to an aquarium or for a place where small fish can hide after being born. The product looks natural and may be cut to any size or shape. Hermit crabs, lizards, and other animals may like this boxwood foliage for the same reason fish like it. If a whole box is too much just call and order a sample.

by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.

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