Outdoor Boxwood Mats, Tiles, and Squares

Outdoor Boxwood is a fairly new item. The UV properties of this artificial plant make a great choice for exterior use. Since the product is fresh, it may be labeled under different names. Artificial boxwood hedge, hedge mat, hedge tiles are a few common names for this versatile product. Faux boxwood is another catagory to search for. Some retail stores do carry this product, however, most of this product is to be found online.

Artificial Hedge in Miami

Boxwood Mats Joined to Form Landscape Art

Boxwood mats are used to create artificial hedges like the one shown in the picture. These hedges can come in any shape or size imaginable. The artificial plants and the natural decor also come together to create the desired natural looking effect.

Not only are the hedges real looking, they are virtually maintenance free and very hardy. Never worry about a fungus or a rogue insect tearing at your neatly pruned hedges. Salt water is not the problem that it is with many types of hedges. Animals usually don’t want to nibble on this product and rats are not nearly as likely to infest your hedgerow as it would with a natural product.

As far as the sunshine goes…this product is designed for outdoor use. Don’t worry about the rain, wind, cold temperatures or snow. This product will handle those difficulties with ease. The main enemy of this product is the prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The products from Geranium Street Floral are constructed from resins enhanced with uv protective polymers. This will keep your artificial hedge from fading in the sun and give you the confidence to try a larger outdoor hedge product. Don’t be afraid to try a small one to get your skills up. If you need help, the guys at Geranium Street can answer the phone and assist you with your boxwood mat project.

by Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral, California, U.S.A.

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